Oh and FYI, I just noticed you posted your OP in trisquel-users, so if I reply to the fascinating discussion of macro-politics you've opened up, it will go through the associated mailing list. To avoid inserting off-topic noise into trisquel-users, I'll reply (once I've reflected on what you've shared) by opening up a macro-politics thread in the troll lounge (or you could?). Although it was relevant to Trisquel due to the interview with Reuben, your OP may have been more on-topic in the software freedom board?

I really love that we now have these two boards separate, so we can feel free to wax lyrical about any and all issues, problems, and tips, related to software freedom, without flooding out people who are looking for (or wanting to provide) Trisquel helpdesk! Thanks again for all the fantastic work you do for software freedom, and for liberty and justice for all, and for sharing about it in the Trisquel forums :)

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