Prophets who speak lies are very apt to pull people away from the Holy One, therefore, may God never forget the iniquity of ALL false prophets. That's why God says to kill them. Should they repent and NEVER PROPHESY AGAIN nor CLAIM to be a prophet, may G-d forgive them. Daniel Lee knows he falsely prophesies, yet he claims he repents but HE CONTINUES TO DO IT! In fact, he gave over 70 prophesies in a month's time or so. Talk about being possessed! May God not forget his iniquity. On the other hand, may God bring him to TRUE repentance.
Prophets, we are told, are to be obeyed until they are proven wrong. When one claims to be a prophet, how are we to gauge their prophetic calling? Do we do the "christian" thing and say, "By Jove! That man sez heez a proffet! He's gotta be rite until heez rong?" No we do not. What the prophet says will come true and will be fact. It's not out of the question for proof of his prophesy. If anything, it's honorable to ask for proof. It's dishonorable to hide behind misappropriated Scripture.
-- slade
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Your last response about the sign of Jonah is the

same argument made by the ridiculous false prophet Daniel John Lee (may God

not forget his iniquity).


Slade, I’m curious—why did you say that? Aren’t we supposed to walk in forgiveness, etc, etc? Just wondering what your take on it is. Izzy

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