2012/7/18 Cédric Krier <cedric.kr...@b2ck.com>:
> We see  more and more third party modules, it is great for Tryton but I
> see often that developpers just copy/paste the README file which could
> bring some missunderstanding because it asks to report issues to the bug
> tracker of Tryton. Also in the code, developpers just reused the
> copyright notice "This file is part of Tryton."

Done our modules from Zikzakmedia. Added more information/details in
README files.

> And finaly as we have a Tryton classifier, it will be great to not
> prefix those modules with "trytond_" which also could confuse people.

We like trytond prefix because all tryton server modules are group same prefix.
For example, Django modules/app add django prefix.

With trytond prefix, group all modules from tryton server (visual list dir)


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