Am 16.02.2017 um 09:34 schrieb Cédric Krier:
> Indeed for me, the tree should not be build in a SQL query nor in
> ModelSQL but with the UI using a view trees using a Many2Many field as
> children (one for up drill and one for down drill).
> If this feature is developed this way, I think it can be included in
> base.
You are absolutly right.
My problem was, that until now i thought that it is necessary to have
fields called 'parent' and 'childs' in the model to get a tree, as it
was like that in all the examples that crossed my way. So i was always
trying to generate them.
Now finally i realized that all it needs is to fill "field_childs"-field
in the the ir.ui.view.

Well, at least i learned a lot on the way...

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