Hi, Chris

Thank you for replying.
1. yes, the extension is "jinja" and they are inside templaes folder;
2. jinja2 version is 2.8
3. I can see the "extract messages from ........jinja" output when running 
"python setup.py extract_messages"
But it just can extract {% trans %} {% endtrans %} or {{ gettext('') }} 
from the template files into the pot file.

在 2016年10月13日星期四 UTC+8下午11:37:27,Christoph Zwerschke写道:
> Am 13.10.2016 um 15:14 schrieb Mingcai SHEN: 
> > I'm using TG2.3.9 with Jinja2 templates, and when I run "setup.py 
> > extract_messages", it does not extract any strings from jinja files 
> > inside {% trans %} block or {{ gettext('') }} etc... 
> This should work. Are you sure your templates have the extension 
> ".jinja" (and not ".jinja2" or ".html") and are living in the templates 
> directory (as specified in setup.py)? Are you sure there is no syntax 
> error in the jinja template? In Jinja 2.7 errors are silently ignored by 
> default, so it's recommended to set silent=false or use Jinja 2.8. 
> -- Chris 

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