sometimes I sit at the console of my Ubuntu workstation. But most times I 
work from remote using TurboVNC on that host. Formerly the workstation were 
running Windows. So with RDP I had remote access to my Windows session 
currently running on the console. Now the workstation has Ubuntu, and I use 
TurboVNC for remote working on it. But when I have some running 
applications on the console, I have no access to their windows from remote 
using TurboVNC. And vice versa, when I have some running applications in 
the TurboVNC session, disconnect from it and go to the console, I have no 
access to the windows in the TurboVNC session. So, is it possible somehow 
to use the same session on the console and alternatively from remote using 

Perhaps is this possible, if I use TurboVNC Client on the console too? I 
tried to get access to the TurboVNC session using Remmina, but had no 
success. If it is possible, what conditions must be met?

Many thanks in advance and Kind Regards

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