Correction:  Remmina is just a remote desktop client.  I was thinking of
the built-in GNOME VNC server, Vino.  The TurboVNC Viewer should work
fine with Vino.

On 4/15/18 3:39 PM, DRC wrote:
> To access a running TurboVNC Server session from the console, you can
> simply run the TurboVNC Viewer on the console, as you suggested, and
> enter "localhost:{n}" as the display (where {n} is the X display number
> that the TurboVNC Server session is using.)
> To do the reverse (accessing the console remotely), you can still use
> the TurboVNC Viewer, but you'd need to use another type of server (a
> screen scraper.)  This could be x0vncserver, TigerVNC's module, or
> x11vnc.  You can probably also run Remmina on the console and access it
> remotely via the TurboVNC Viewer, although I have no idea how well that
> performs.  The TurboVNC Server itself doesn't provide screen scraping
> capabilities.
> On 4/15/18 2:54 PM, torsten wrote:
>> Hi,
>> sometimes I sit at the console of my Ubuntu workstation. But most times
>> I work from remote using TurboVNC on that host. Formerly the workstation
>> were running Windows. So with RDP I had remote access to my Windows
>> session currently running on the console. Now the workstation has
>> Ubuntu, and I use TurboVNC for remote working on it. But when I have
>> some running applications on the console, I have no access to their
>> windows from remote using TurboVNC. And vice versa, when I have some
>> running applications in the TurboVNC session, disconnect from it and go
>> to the console, I have no access to the windows in the TurboVNC session.
>> So, is it possible somehow to use the same session on the console and
>> alternatively from remote using TurboVNC?
>> Perhaps is this possible, if I use TurboVNC Client on the console too? I
>> tried to get access to the TurboVNC session using Remmina, but had no
>> success. If it is possible, what conditions must be met?
>> Many thanks in advance and Kind Regards
>> Torsten

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