many thanks again!

Am 15.04.2018 um 22:39 schrieb DRC:
To access a running TurboVNC Server session from the console, you can
simply run the TurboVNC Viewer on the console, as you suggested, and
enter "localhost:{n}" as the display (where {n} is the X display number
that the TurboVNC Server session is using.)

Could I use Remmina instead of the TurboVNC Viewer on the console? Since Remmina can work as VNC client too, doesn't it?

To do the reverse (accessing the console remotely), you can still use
the TurboVNC Viewer, but you'd need to use another type of server (a
screen scraper.)  This could be x0vncserver, TigerVNC's X.org module, or
x11vnc.  You can probably also run Remmina on the console and access it
remotely via the TurboVNC Viewer, although I have no idea how well that
performs.  The TurboVNC Server itself doesn't provide screen scraping

Before TurboVNC I used RDP/xrdp. With that I had issues, since Qt applications need the XKEYBOARD extension, which the default vncserver used by xrdp doesn't support. So I would need a VNC server supporting both, the XKEYBOARD extension and screen scraping. Do you know, which one this does?


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