I have posted a candidate for the first C++ release here.


Would all interested parties take some time to review this so that we can
either re-spin the release or vote on it asap.

The website documentation is out of date and will be re-written to sync with
what is in the release. Hopefully this will be done tomorrow.

A Calculator sample is included which demonstrates deploying an SCA module,
component wiring, locating and invoking C++ service from
C++ component,  invoking from a C++ client, and exposing a service as a web
service using ws binding.

Release Summary

Tuscany SCA C++ provides a runtime implementation for the Service Component
Architecture 0.9 specification, written in C++ and will currently support
component implementation types. This is not yet a complete implementation
known restrictions are described below.

Supported SCA Assembly Model features
 *  All features are supported unless listed under the known restrictions
    below. See SCA Assembly Model specification.

Supported language bindings
 * Component implementations written in C++. See SCA Client and
   Implementation Model specification.
 * Component interfaces described by C++ classes. See SCA Client and
   Implementation Model specification.

Supported external service and entry point bindings
 * The web service binding is supported. This implementation will support
   web services which using document literal SOAP bindings conforming to
   WS-I basic profile (rpc/encoded is not yet supported).

Known restrictions
 * Subsystem: wiring, entry points and external services are not supported.
 * Local service interfaces cannot use overloaded operations (the SCA
   specification limits remote service interfaces to not using
overloaded operations).
 * Each WSDL definition for a web service binding must be in a single WSDL
 * No load time validation of the deployed SCA application (run time
validation only).
 * No metadata API.

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