... after a "meltdown" at a Barnes & Noble booksigning.


She appeared on Colbert last night after the signing went askew. The
interview derailed almost from the start and there was nothing Colbert
could really do to get it back on track.


On the Tweety-thingy, Ms. McGowan stated she's taking time away.


Wherever you land on the #metoo issue, this woman has faced the sort of
scrutiny normally reserved for presidential candidates. I cannot imagine
the emotional impact of all the pressure, so I am not prepared to cast
judgment on her. Not trying to lump shaved-headed women together, but her
demeanor on Colbert reminded me of Sinead O'Connor's social media posts
last year. Alas, O'Connor (now going by Magda Davitt) was "helped" by Phil
McGraw, so I can only hope that McGowan is able to take the time she needs
to rejuvenate, and if she seeks help or counsel from someone, that it isn't
a Hollywood quack.

Kevin M. (RPCV)

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