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> I don't know. I think the British education system is a rising tide that
> lifts all boats. I mean British heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno was more
> articulate in his Letterman appearances than two American presidents of the
> last 20 years. I think Letterman loved to mentally spar with Helena Bonham
> Carter because she was so smart, something he couldn't get from say
> Jennifer Aniston or Gwinneth Paltrow. Look at some of the art school
> education some of the Beatles got.
Yes Frank Bruno was always an interesting character, and could certainly
talk. No question that he went to a state school in a poor neighbourhood of

But there has been a bit of a debate in the UK about a lot of our more
successful actors being privately educated (Which counter-intuitively, in
Britain is known as going to "Public" schools. They're fee-paying however).
Eddie Redmayne, Dominic West, Benedict Cumberbatch, Damien Lewis, Tom
Hiddleston, Henry Cavil and Dan Stevens all went to some of the very best
schools. And that's just the men. The strong argument is that without
parental support it's harder to get on in the business. Student loans
aren't always available to acting schools because you don't get a formal
undergraduate degree that you would get studying just about anything else.

So when you see a British actor on TV, there's a fair chance you're seeing
the results of some of the best education money can buy - but not the state
system that most go through.

And Helena Bonham Carter of course also went to a fee paying school.

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