True. But I'm pretty sure that there are more active grandfathered
sources then OAuth sources. And it takes nothing to create a new OAuth
application that has the same source as an existing OAuth application
but with only a slightly different name.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 08:39, DWRoelands<> wrote:
> That's not correct.  Updates posted to Twitter via Basic Auth always
> appear with a source of "From Web" (unless the application in question
> was "grandfathered in").  Otherwise, it's not possible to impersonate
> another application via Basic Auth.
> On Jul 1, 9:34 am, Abraham Williams <> wrote:
>  Using basic auth it is already possible to use any
>> source and "impersonate" another application so not much is changing
>> here except better security for web applications.

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