I'm not sure that Twitter exposes any API or web service that allows
you to programatically register a new application (which you need to
do to receive the Consumer Key and Consumer Key Secret).

Even if you could, that still requires the end user to compile the
source with a modified build process.  Requiring Windows users to
compile source code in order to use the app is not a great solution.

Any solution to the problem should be as transparent to the user as
possible.  They shouldn't be burdened with extra steps or procedures
because they chose an open source client.

On Jul 1, 12:39 pm, Bruce Brown <bruce1...@cox.net> wrote:
> How difficult is it to, as part of the build, check for a key file, if  
> it doesn't exist, go to Twitter and do the stuff to get the tokens,  
> parse the tokens and save in the key file, and then continue on with  
> the build. Seems easy enuff.

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