I used to subscribe to SMS notifications from the @twitter account, which was used to send notifications about blog updates and site downtime. That was great. Then a few weeks some idiot in PR apparently took over the account and now it sends frequent postings about asteroid strikes, celebrities, and how often people at Twitter HQ wash their clothes. Just the kind of thing I want texted to my phone.

The final straw. Today Twitter is down for half the day from a DoS attack. Do I get a text notification of the problem (which should be doable even if you're under attack)? Nope. Do I get an explanation afterwards? Nope. I get a text message about how it's "quiet but lots of sun" at Twitter HQ, complete with a picture. Talk about complete disregard for your customers.

I've sent multiple complaints to the @twitter account, but evidently nobody actually *reads* the responses. Perhaps we should send @comcast_cares over to Twitter HQ to give a lesson on how to use Twitter?

Is anyone there taking the service seriously? Are you going to force several hundred thousand followers to switch to following a different account if they want to get useful information? Or are you going to start using @twitter for it's original purpose? Or do you think that sending customers urgent information isn't important?

Come on guys. Stop drinking the koolaid and start acting like a responsible company providing a responsible service.

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