I agree. I also think it is very important to recognize Twitter made a strong move with such an open API. As a result, it is just as important to recognize, Twitter very well may not be where it is today were it not for third party apps.

I may go as far as to say the API should be a higher priority than the Twitter.com site.

I can say with zero doubt, I myself would not have learned to love Twitter were it not for tweetie on the iPhone. I know every single one of my friends can say the same, though it may be a different app and a different phone.

Stats from Twitter on this would be interesting. I bet majority use is Twitter.com . However, I bet majority use where there is real interaction is all third party apps.

Web user traffic is the casual login once a week user. Third party apps are what made Twitter I household name.

To me, the API should be equal or more a priority, especially since a down API gets the third party app blamed, not Twitter.
Iphone says hello.

On Aug 8, 2009, at 5:03 PM, chinaski007 <chinaski...@gmail.com> wrote:

If Twitter.com itself were down, you know that they would stay there
until it was back up.

But since it is just a large number of third party apps that are
down... well, hey, it's a weekend in August!

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