You're wrong.

If you check the tweets of the other main Twitter developers, you will
see that they are doing sushi, rock concerts, weddings, watching
movies on Saturday afternoon, etc.  And while "getting married" is
certainly a legitimate excuse, some of the other activities, during
this major upheaval, are certainly questionable!

On Aug 8, 11:20 pm, Bill Kocik <> wrote:
> On Aug 8, 6:33 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> > However, I would hope that Twitter engineers are all in force at the
> > office on a day like this to solve this issue and get our applications
> > back up and running, regardless of whether it is Saturday, Sunday, or
> > Christmas Day.
> I think you're making the assumption that because Chad is off the
> clock today, all of Twitter engineering is as well. Hint: Chad isn't
> Twitter engineering (or operations, for that matter), he's part-time
> support for API consumers. He's also in North Carolina, not SFO. Chad
> is not the one working to fend off the DDoS.
> I imagine there are a whole bunch of people on the West Coast running
> on very little sleep and way too much coffee trying to fight this
> thing.
> (None of this is meant to indict or vindicate anyone - I'm simply
> saying, don't take "Chad has today off" to mean "Twitter's not doing
> anything.")

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