As other media have noted, when Twitter goes down, people swap to
FriendFeed, Facebook, etc.

The same thing happens when Twitter apps go down.  The problem with
this outage is that it largely effects third-party Web-based apps.
And so when our apps go down, for whatever reason, people swap to
desktop competitors.

As most of us are smaller Mum n Pop shops, such an exodus, even
fractional, is significant.

Too, while we may love programming, many of us do this sort of thing
as our primary means of surviving and paying the mortgage.

On Aug 8, 8:40 pm, Adam Cloud <> wrote:
> Some of us program because we love to do it, not because of the revenue we
> could make off the third-party app we use.
> Man up and just tell your users to be patient, it's not like they're going
> to stop using your app because of some well publicized downtime, and if they
> are, then it wasn't that great of an app to begin with.

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