I really really want to see them backup the tweet trademark.  All birds are
now being sued by twitter, they can no longer say; tweet tweet LOL.

Seems lil twitter grew up and found lawyers.  While I don't agree or like
the product that Dean sells, I dis-agree more with the misuse of legal
representation by a corporation even more.  I remember when MS started this
everyone threw stones (and courts threw it out), now twitter starts it and
its OK!?

I warn developers to watch their backs, your little cheezy app that uses
twitter may bite you in the arse.

Of course, I don't see twitter going after the advertising/marketing
companies utilizing the API and hitting the service just as many times to
mine for data or to use what they mine to target sales.  That seems to be a
complete and total ethical use of the service, course a few $$ thrown the
right direction always does sway a corporations view of grey.

 - Jeremy

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 11:13 PM, jim.renkel <james.ren...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I guess I should have pointed out that my tongue was firmly planted in
> my check when I wrote my previous post. My bad! :-(
> Dean: I don't mean to make light of your particular situation.
> Sometimes I just can't not point out absurdities, which the logic I
> presented clearly is.
> What I was trying to do, perhaps not too well, is point out that the
> API TOS may need to be revised to say that developers may use
> twitter's trademarks, but only in "approved" ways.
> BTW, twitter is trademarking "tweet" as well as "twitter". You have
> been warned! :-)
> Jim

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