The question is, are they going to be going after Twitteriffic,
Twitterholic, Twitpic, Twitvid, Twittelator, Twitterena, Twitterfon,
iTwitter etc?

I admit that I was fair game having the blue birds in the backdrop (as
I say, it was a stupid project that got traction and the new version
is live now anyway), but if Twitter is deciding to take down everyone
with Twit in their name then there are going to be some serious
issues. I know they have to show they are attempting to protect
trademark or risk losing it, but this seems a little heavy handed :(

On Aug 12, 10:54 am, Andrew Badera <> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 5:52 AM, Rich<> wrote:
> > I'm not aware of this but this 
> > link,
> > published only last month says
> > "We have applied to trademark Tweet because it is clearly attached to
> > Twitter from a brand perspective but we have no intention of "going
> > after" the wonderful applications and services that use the word in
> > their name when associated with Twitter. In fact, we encourage the use
> > of the word Tweet."
> Thanks, I'd missed that. I only saw the original, unupdated article
> that brought up the issue on TechCrunch. Great to know.
> --ab

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