On 8/12/09 3:44 PM, Robert Fishel wrote:
There are universal wrongs. Guns aren't on of them. Premeditated murder is.
So is spam.

Suppose you're right. Is it so very clear what premeditated murder is in all cases? How about spam?

One person considers being followed by someone they don't want to be followed by to be spam. Others don't.

To blame a tool that enables people to follow someone is like blaming the gun for killing. That's just downright stupid, or in this case, universally wrong.

Users abusing tools can be destructive and we should define ways of handling those abuses - trying to ban or eliminate those tools is pointless.

In developing and maintaining Twitter Karma, I have been very careful in selecting what features to implement. I recognize that it can still be used by people to abuse Twitter and that makes me very, very sad. However, those features are also very useful for legitimate users, so I have implemented them. I will, however, refuse to implement any feature that only benefits users who intend to abuse Twitter.

In the end, I would hope that Twitter would create ways of punishing the abusive users and not Twitter Karma.

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