On Aug 12, 2009, at 11:42 AM, Dewald Pretorius wrote:

Personally I think that is a mutilation of the use and purpose of
Twitter. I surely hope people would not judge me based on who is
following me.

I would not judge you. No, I never take it that far. However, consider if a politician was on Twitter, and a mass follow of spam porn bots hit that person up. People unlike you and I, and others on the dev list here, very well will get the wrong impression, simply for lack of understanding how this all works.

Whether it is a mutilation of the use and purpose, I can certainly see your point. Though to be honest, I do not know a person who has not looked up one person, to find who they follow and who follows them. It very much is the entire premise of myspace, facebook, and linked in.

I personally use it for that purpose all the time, though I have learned based on username and profile picture how to discern a real user and a bot pretty easily with relatively good accuracy.

It does muddy the pool, and make me have more pages of stuff to wade through.

The only way one can maintain a "clean" list of people who follow you
is to block those whom you don't want as followers.

Also, you can privatize your account, which to be honest, I wish was not even an option, as that indeed is a mutilation of the use and purpose of twitter in my humble opinion.

But tell me how feasible it is to remove followers once you get past a few thousand?

It is going to
cause the suspension of many innocent Twitter accounts if people block
others simply because they do not agree with their political views,
the way they comb their hair, or their profession.

Can you elaborate on this? How does a block of a twitter account end up as a account suspension? Do multiple blocks tally up and end up being used as a way to suspend an account?

Followers do no, zero, nada harm. Just let them be.

I think I have shown how they do in fact harm. Even at a very basic level, if a army of bots were to follow you, say, a million of them, what would you do? You yourself would look like part of the army, you would not be able to maintain that account easily, if you put aside your ability to programatically remove those bots.

Follower and following as also an at a glance metric I use to see how interesting someone may be. If they have 5000 followers, but only follow back 100, I can gauge immediately the type of twitter use that person is. If they have 5000 followers and around the same following counts, I know there is no way they are engaging all 5000 of those people, and that account has less value to me.

These are pretty rough generalizations, but I certainly do not agree with the "no harm" statement. It just depends on your use and how you define harm, which to me is defined as inconvenience.

On Aug 12, 3:28 pm, Scott Haneda <talkli...@newgeo.com> wrote:
If I go to someone's account and they have 500 followers, 90% of them
are adult porn and social media experts, not only do I get the wrong
impression as to what that person is about, but I also have a
completely off kilter signal to noise ratio.

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