I know this is off the topic of the thread, but along the same vein,
this whole notion that someone can spam one via DMs is absolutely
bloody bullshit.

By virtue of how Twitter works, when you follow someone, you grant
that person permission to DM you. They can send you the biggest load
of crap, they are not spamming you. You opted in to receive DMs from

Your only recourse is to unfollow them, and thereby remove the
permission you granted them.


On Aug 12, 3:56 pm, Adam Cloud <> wrote:
> **sigh** Dewald, on a technicality, you're completely right. We did opt in.
> It was originally a convenience to opt int, so you knew you were being
> followed. However since the count of bots has increased, it's now an
> inconvenience to constantly get follow emails\texts from bots. Perhaps they
> could rename it, now, to "Check box to increase twitter to inbox\phone
> traffic"
> Maybe one of us could add to one of our Apps the ability to notify
> *after*having gone through a screening processes of some sort to see
> if the account
> resembles a bot :)
> Of course it wont' be perfect because at the beginning of the twitterbot
> life, they look like a normal user lol
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> > Adam,
> > It may be an irritation and it may cost you money, but it is NOT spam.
> > You opted in to receive the notifications on your phone, and hence it
> > is NOT spam.
> > Dewald
> > On Aug 12, 3:46 pm, Adam Cloud <> wrote:
> > > It can be spam if you had your account sent to auto-notify your phone or
> > > inbox when someone follows you. 1 spam follower won't make a dent, but if
> > > one spam follower is allowed to 'live' more will follow, and thats when
> > it
> > > gets fun.

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