I would like to know what open source software you have contributed and where they are located. I need to know to avoid using your work at all costs.

Many open source software projects have dependencies, this DLL has a dependency on Log4Net, the solution is simple, download and include log4Net in you your project and use the newest version of the library..

Log4Net page (first link in google) ->

On Aug 13, 2009, at 7:23 PM, catcalls wrote:

Oh, the problem is the DLL. I mean, how many ways can you encode a

I can use the DLL to search, follow, and update a single word to my
twitter account - but as soon as I use a space it fails. Believe me,
it's the DLL. Furthermore, the update to the DLL (which he claims
works) does not compile on my machine.

Finally, I am his client, because I am using his wares. If you are
coding for yourself, you do not release it onto the net. You only do
that to get people like me, as clients.

I offer support on all my open source work. I frequently release code
- but the difference is - I test my code before release.

As for your other suggestions - they are BETA - I want something that
actually works and is at least 1.0

On Aug 13, 11:27 pm, Mark Turner <> wrote:
On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 2:48 PM, catcalls<> wrote:
I've been using a free Twitter API Interface that was coded in C# and I imported the DLL and it was working fine until I discovered I cannot
post spaces to twitter updates! I mean, WHAT!?

I'm willing to bet that the problem is not the DLL.

So, I have basically coded this application with full interaction with
this DLL and wasted the past three days of my time because the
original coder was too lazy to get it to work for his clients.

Rude. If you got it for free don't complain, nobody works on
open-source/free libraries for anyone but themselves. The take the
time out of their day to package it up and put it out there so other
people can try to save time or headache or use their sweet ass code.
They don't have to help you in any way, shape or form unless the
choose to do so.

And I sincerely doubt he would call you his 'client'.

So, can someone recommend a library that they used and was really
pleased with - I don't mind paying a small fee for something that
actually works you see.

I have a complete app coded that just needs the API Interface to work.
I tried rewriting some OAuth code but kept getting nonce errors so I
gave up. I might go back to that again though if this request fails as
a last resort.

A whole four seconds of googling brought up a page full of libraries
and examples in a large amount of languages including .net ones.

And here is something that look promising:


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