Check out Quitter:

Quitter is a Twitter client that's 100% Visual Basic.NET with a
working implementation of OAuth.  The classes that are specifically
for talking to Twitter are in the "TwitterVB" namespace/folder.
Everything else is the client that I've built on those components.

For the record, I started out using the excellent c# "Twitterizer"
library (  I wanted to add
OAuth, so I ported Twitterizer to VB.NET and implemented OAuth

--Duane Roelands

On Aug 13, 5:48 pm, catcalls <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using a free Twitter API Interface that was coded in C# and
> I imported the DLL and it was working fine until I discovered I cannot
> post spaces to twitter updates! I mean, WHAT!?
> So, I have basically coded this application with full interaction with
> this DLL and wasted the past three days of my time because the
> original coder was too lazy to get it to work for his clients.
> So, can someone recommend a library that they used and was really
> pleased with - I don't mind paying a small fee for something that
> actually works you see.
> I have a complete app coded that just needs the API Interface to work.
> I tried rewriting some OAuth code but kept getting nonce errors so I
> gave up. I might go back to that again though if this request fails as
> a last resort.
> I now understand the API authentication procedure a lot more now - and
> remember the mistakes I was making previously. I might be able to
> actually code a working class in VB.nET now with my expanded knowledge
> of the OAuth authentication procedure.
> But, in the meantime, any one know of a good API for VB.NET to use in
> the form of a DLL that is Open Source too? This is because I'd really
> like to take a look at working OAuth/Twitter API code in visual
> basic .net 2005.
> Thank you in advance.
> catcalls

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