Hi Catcalls,

Not sure if you tried my library, LINQ to Twitter (http://
linqtotwitter.codeplex.com/).  I recently found a bug that was keeping
it from working for VB because of the way that the compiler was
generating code, so it's possible that I'm the lazy coder you're
trashing and being rude to. <grin />  My primary language is C#, so I
would like to get more VB programmers to use the library and give me
feedback.  I can't guarantee that I'll fix everything immediately, but
over time I can help make the library more useful.  Also, if you're
using OAuth, Andrew Arnott has integrated his DotNetOpenAuth (http://
dotnetopenauth.net:8000/), which is an excellent library itself.


On Aug 13, 3:48 pm, catcalls <g.obrzut3...@ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using a free Twitter API Interface that was coded in C# and
> I imported the DLL and it was working fine until I discovered I cannot
> post spaces to twitter updates! I mean, WHAT!?
> So, I have basically coded this application with full interaction with
> this DLL and wasted the past three days of my time because the
> original coder was too lazy to get it to work for his clients.
> So, can someone recommend a library that they used and was really
> pleased with - I don't mind paying a small fee for something that
> actually works you see.
> I have a complete app coded that just needs the API Interface to work.
> I tried rewriting some OAuth code but kept getting nonce errors so I
> gave up. I might go back to that again though if this request fails as
> a last resort.
> I now understand the API authentication procedure a lot more now - and
> remember the mistakes I was making previously. I might be able to
> actually code a working class in VB.nET now with my expanded knowledge
> of the OAuth authentication procedure.
> But, in the meantime, any one know of a good API for VB.NET to use in
> the form of a DLL that is Open Source too? This is because I'd really
> like to take a look at working OAuth/Twitter API code in visual
> basic .net 2005.
> Thank you in advance.
> catcalls

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