I think there is a difference between the user-invented RT- and the
user-invented @mentions scheme (correct me if I'm wrong): the
@mentions / @replies API calls didn't take away any functionality or
restrict the replies in any way the users were using it before.

With the retweet-API, we cannot offer tweeples a way of retweeting-and-
commenting. I think if there's no change to this, we might see a lot
of people just sticking with the old manual

"Uuh, I hate it ... RT @user: I just love blue mold cheese!"

style of retweeting ...

On 17 Aug., 11:01, Paul Kinlan <paul.kin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> RT's are being used and emerged from the need to express a +1 for a tweet

... just because it's also used for a "-1" or disapproval retweet!

If you just don't agree with a tweet and want to express it via a
retweet, how can you do so with the proposed API? Seems to be
impossible or am I missing something?


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