> > Favorites are open to be read, it is just that not many
> > people use it and I can't actually find who favorited my
> > tweets - (probably no one in my case ;) - if I had that
> > information I could do a lot of things (with out
> > resorting to the RT stream).
> I tried it and you are right, I can read anybody's favorites. But, is that
> intentional? I had always thought my favorites were private and I think
> that other users have that same expectation of privacy.

Based on?

I'm actually implementing an /frt command for the next version of TTYtter
that automatically retweets *and* favourites a tweet in one step. I'm
reserving judgment on the new RT strategy, but right now I'm still very
unclear at how much value versus how much bother it actually represents.

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