Very cool!

Will Twitter Search be changed to use the new geo-tweet info? Right
now if you search for "near=Boston,MA" it seems to be mostly (only?)
looking at a user's location field. I'd be curious to know if Twitter
Search will be the best place to determine tweets within a given area
and how Search will behave if my "location" is set to Boston, but my
tweet georss is in SF, for example.



On Aug 21, 9:59 am, "@epc" <> wrote:
> On Aug 20, 6:37 pm, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
> > Users will need to come to the website to change the setting. If we
> > provided an API, a misbehaving application would change the setting
> > without the user knowing - hence the read-only attribute.
> Perfect, that’s what I’d expect.  But I throw this out anyway: once
> someone has opted in, would you consider adding an API method to allow
> geo to be turned on/off?  Or would you expect the individual
> applications to allow users to mask their location when posting a
> tweet?
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> -ed costello

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