Crazy I just read same sentence / tech concept in a PDF called  
SocialInfluenceEC ---- thanks to the 3 publishers.

If any are here, I'd like to work with a team or group that actually  
acts and defines the level such as diffusion, scoring, tracking paths,  
distance, etc etc

cell 917 512 6281

On Aug 21, 2009, at 4:54 AM, Sean dCallahan <>  

> Quick question Ryan, because none of this will surface on
> will you keep the Location field for a users profile or is that going
> away when this becomes love? If it stays, will there be any specific
> changes regarding the location on a user's profile when this API
> becomes available?
> Sean
> On Aug 20, 5:28 pm, Lepton <> wrote:
>> Perfect timing! My iPhone app about to be released has a lot to do
>> with geolocation, and already uses Twitter to set and see locations  
>> of
>> people. Myallo HotList tracks the "hotness" of people and places in
>> your social universe partly through their locations. For example as a
>> person gets nearer to you, they get hotter, if friends gather near a
>> place, they and the place get hotter. I want to use these upcoming
>> features to "discover" nearby people. You can preview the app via its
>> documentation at

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