I think that issue can be simplified down to zip code radiAl query  
(simple) once you know the users relevent vicinity.  It's not like  
browsers are actually accurate as an actual gps (netbooks iPhone...  
Chipsets will change that soon)

Anyway just throwing in here... Scaryish topic (one I play with).   
What if you are celebrity + hit threat and your loc coordinates are  
available no matter what (oh yeah uuuuggnkbghk!!! :)?) ---- what do  
you do then?  Anyway I won't post generic discussion further in this  
list ---- I just started using or actually, I mean, SENDING to any  
lustserv (this and cake)  If I am wrong on etiquette, I apologize ---  
will ttyl. :)

I'm working on a few Twitter rhings myself.  I own StockAPI.com.  I  
imagine it might play and offer with others ;-)!!!

Matt Kaufman
917 512 6281

On Aug 21, 2009, at 10:36 AM, Mike Champion <mike.champ...@gmail.com>  

> Very cool!
> Will Twitter Search be changed to use the new geo-tweet info? Right
> now if you search for "near=Boston,MA" it seems to be mostly (only?)
> looking at a user's location field. I'd be curious to know if Twitter
> Search will be the best place to determine tweets within a given area
> and how Search will behave if my "location" is set to Boston, but my
> tweet georss is in SF, for example.
> Thanks,
> -mike
> On Aug 21, 9:59 am, "@epc" <epcoste...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Aug 20, 6:37 pm, Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:
>>> Users will need to come to the website to change the setting. If we
>>> provided an API, a misbehaving application would change the setting
>>> without the user knowing - hence the read-only attribute.
>> Perfect, that’s what I’d expect.  But I throw this out anyway: o 
>> nce
>> someone has opted in, would you consider adding an API method to  
>> allow
>> geo to be turned on/off?  Or would you expect the individual
>> applications to allow users to mask their location when posting a
>> tweet?
>> --
>> -ed costello

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