On Aug 21, 11:39 am, Cameron Kaiser <spec...@floodgap.com> wrote:
> Even so, though, I don't think that would fully get around the malicious
> application problem unless you could say *which* apps got to turn it on and
> off, and even then ...

True.  I guess the scenario I'm thinking of is: you've opted in, 99%
of the time you are fine with publishing your location, but this one
time you want to hide where you are tweeting from.  The only option
(for now) would be to log onto twitter.com and opt-out again.

At a minimum, twitter needs to make the optin/optout work through

As long as I'm throwing ideas out:
 - What if I could tell twitter to tag my tweets with my Google
Latitude or Yahoo! FireEagle location?
 - What if I could tell twitter how granular I want my location to be
(ie, even if my client publishes 40.96299,-72.13913, twitter only
stores 40.96,-72.13)
-ed costello

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