reading up on the dev list, I noticed some replies to the geolocation thing
and sorry to matt for picking his reply ;))

I'd like to add some of the "usual stuff we know US based devs do
forget but would be really great if they just thought about it because the
rest of the world likes to use them too".

Also I am surprised that the geolocation of the person can be attached
to the tweets but still not to the profile - something which would make
location based services so much easier, even without having each
tweet tell the world where you are?

Short summary:
- when developping your app, please make sure to get international users
  to test them and get their input so you don't make something US-only
- before adding a geo location to every tweet, i rather expect people to
  be willing to add a real location in long / lat to their profile. having
  just in the tweets is the second step without doing the first. the
  would profit much more from it, would it be a profile thing.

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 17:00, Matt Kaufman <> wrote:

> I think that issue can be simplified down to zip code radiAl query
> (simple) once you know the users relevent vicinity.  It's not like
> browsers are actually accurate as an actual gps (netbooks iPhone...
> Chipsets will change that soon)

great. my zipcode is 23554, and that resolves to Lübeck, SH.  :)
As in: there is more on the world than just US zipcodes.

Searches for anything outside of the US have been proven to be quite
ineffective as they resolve around things currently like name of town.
And that usually fails alone because the search does not recognize
the name of the town as it is locally.

// Sorting / overemphasize of state level
Very often, location based application do go for the state level (as
the US has so many of them) and does include the country, but neglects
that others might like geographic centers.

If you do an application please use a format like
continent - country - town - exact location

state in this is optional in many cases and not the center point in many
countries. more often than that, there is the additional level above town
like "car plate key" or else.

// Outputting wrong characters
if you use the application to resolve against something with the coordinates
please make sure your application does understand special characters
when you output them (like Lübeck)

// I dont want to share that
As a user, I might want to share with the world my country or my
town where I am currently at but not pinpointing me on the map.
Matt also brought up the the point about threats on exact geolocation.
I know of at least one couple who got separated because the guy did
a location aware thing from the new girls house.

But I would not mind sharing my location in my profile in general.
For purposes of human profile readers, I do not put long and lat in my
and if I do use the correct "Lübeck, Deutschland" most of my visitors do not
understand if they are from outside Germany. Which is why I am opting
for Germany. Not because I want -but because that is the lowest thing
we all can agree on being understandable.


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