My understanding is that all tweets will contain geo-location
information: if the information was supplied when the tweet was created,
that will be used; if no information was supplied, then the "default"
location from the user's profile will be used.

actually - if there is no data passed in via the Geolocation API (the "lat" and "long" parameters on the update), then the geo object in the response will be empty. the user.location is a completely separate entity (for now).

1. What if the location in a user's profile can't be geo-coded and no
geo-location is provided when creating a tweet? I would hope that no
geo-location is then provided in the tweet.

if a valid latitude and longitude is not provided with the tweet, then no geo data will be returned with the tweet. the user, however, will still have his/her "location" as set in his/her settings page.

2. If it is possible to not have a geo-location attached to a tweet,
e.g., because of the circumstances above, then I suggest that there be a
parameter on the status/create method that suppresses copying the
default geo-location to the tweet.

In fact it should probably be the other way around, i.e., *DO* include
the default location, for security reasons such as those mentioned by
Lepton. I understand this will probably (significantly) reduce the
number of tweets that are geo-coded, but I think this is appropriate
given the sensitivity of the geo-location: I think users should have to
"opt-in" on a tweet by tweet basis to have their tweets geo-located.

by default, every twitter account will have access geolocation API turned _off_. moreover, the only way to turn it on is for the user to log into twitter's web site, go to his or her's settings page, and then toggle access on. if a user (or an application on behalf of the user) attempts to send geolocated information up to twitter along with the tweet, and geolocation is turned off, then the tweet will go through, but the geolocated information will be dropped and not stored.

hope that helps!

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team | @raffi

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