hi nicole.

Also I am surprised that the geolocation of the person can be attached
to the tweets but still not to the profile - something which would make
location based services so much easier, even without having each
tweet tell the world where you are?

part of our hopes when we designed the geolocation API is that people can start putting their profile location (user.location) back to something "useful" (e.g. mine could say "san francisco, ca") because the specific location can be added as metadata to each tweet.

what we're hoping for is that the user.location becomes something that describes the user, and not the tweet. the geolocation API is for describing the tweet.

Short summary:
- when developping your app, please make sure to get international users
  to test them and get their input so you don't make something US-only

do you have any suggestions as to what sorts of gotcha's we should look out for?

- before adding a geo location to every tweet, i rather expect people to be willing to add a real location in long / lat to their profile. having it just in the tweets is the second step without doing the first. the ecosytem
  would profit much more from it, would it be a profile thing.

you can do that right now, if you want! just stick it in the user.location (e.g. "37.78 122.40"). plenty of mobile apps are doing this right now.

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