To see what the status of your IP is regarding rate limit, issue the
following from that IP address:

curl -I | grep "X-

If it's well above 150 then you're whitelisted.

On Sep 1, 11:28 pm, Andy Pirate <> wrote:
> So here's the deal. We've had the Twitter API integrated into
> for many months now. One problem we keep running into is
> that it updates our members Twitter WAY later. For example, it says so
> and so is playing on-line, but we processed that request hours ago and
> then it finally shows up on their feed.
> I have requested whitelisting before, but they claimed it was approved
> and I don't think that it is. We've had to severely limit our
> integration with Twitter because of this reason.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Andy

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