I don't think white-listing is going to help with a latency problem. It
only gets ya way more API GET requests per hour.

Latency issues are probably due to twitter infrastructure problems,
i.e., delays in the back-end DB servers posting updates from the
front-end UI servers. We've been seeing this recently with follow /
un-follow requests. Your issue may be another symptom of the same root

Hope this helps.

Jim Renkel

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So here's the deal. We've had the Twitter API integrated into
Pwned.com for many months now. One problem we keep running into is
that it updates our members Twitter WAY later. For example, it says so
and so is playing on-line, but we processed that request hours ago and
then it finally shows up on their feed.

I have requested whitelisting before, but they claimed it was approved
and I don't think that it is. We've had to severely limit our
integration with Twitter because of this reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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