Any idea how long the friends_timeline will be available for,
obviously there might be some considerable development time assocated
with switching (and in the case of iPhone applications getting Apple
to review the whole process too!)

On Sep 3, 1:19 am, Marcel Molina <> wrote:
> The current friends_timeline and home_timeline both include mentions
> already. The friends_timeline will continue to not include retweets
> since the payload for a retweeted status is slightly different. At
> some future time, though, the friends_timeline will be removed in
> favor of the home_timeline, which will include retweets. Having both
> parallel timelines, with one that does not include retweets is just a
> stop gap measure to ease the upgrade path.
> On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 4:56 PM, TjL<> wrote:
> > from the API page
> >> Twitter REST API Method: statuses/home_timeline [COMING SOON]
> >> Returns the 20 most recent statuses, including retweets, posted by the 
> >> authenticating user and that user's friends. This is the equivalent of 
> >> /timeline/home on the Web.
> >> Usage note: This home_timeline is identical to statuses/friends_timeline 
> >> except it also contains retweets, which statuses/friends_timeline does not 
> >> (for backwards compatibility reasons). In a future version of the API, 
> >> statuses/friends_timeline will go away and be replaced by home_timeline.
> > Does this mean that "in a future version of the API" there won't be
> > any way to get a friends timeline without retweets?
> > Because the ability to ignore retweets ought to be a Day 1 feature, IMO.
> > I would put a much higher value on a unified feed which includes
> > "*mentions* and friends" than "*retweets* and friends"
> > FWIW
> > TjL
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