It might be useful if detailed (step by step) instructions of how to
generate the debug information twitter needs to track down this HTTP
data being returned on the API, I am not sure how much data you are
getting but I would really like to provide as much as I possibly can
and provide others with the tools to make providing this information
as easily as possible.

We unfortunately can't easily provide the necessary information as our
application runs on a mobile device where we can not easily get the
detailed information you require.

I understand how to provide the ip address, and the verbose curl
request.. Unclear what you are looking for when you are requesting a
tcp dump.. I would be happy to attempt to generate this information if
it will help expedite solving this problem..

On Sep 7, 10:06 pm, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> If you are having connection problems like this, please send your IP
> address, account(s), a curl(1) -vvv trace, and a tcpdump of the
> failure to
> -John Kalucki
> Services, Twitter inc.
> On Sep 7, 5:02 pm, fablau <> wrote:
> > I am having the same issue, most of the times I cannot connect to
> > Twitter, I get 408 error and the API is mostly unusable form my side.
> > I am able to connect just a couple of times every 36-48 hours! Are we
> > the only people having this issue? How that can be possible? Is there
> > any way to contact Twitter folks about this issue? Are they aware of
> > this?
> > Any more thoughts and testimonials about this issue would be
> > appreciated.
> > Thank you for sharing.
> > Best,

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