we're actively working on this issue -- if you're personally experiencing this issue, it would be really helpful to get either a tcpdump of it occurring, or a curl -vvv simulating the issue. in lieu of those, you can also send:

date/time that the error occurred;
what API endpoints were being requested;
source IP address (along with any useful information on your network -- behind a NAT? proxy?)

feel free to send those directly to me.


Hi team,

Any update on this?
I filed a ticket for 408 code so that we can keep track of the issue


On 9月12日, 午前2:40, Duane Roelands <duane.roela...@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm having this issue as well, and also getting some 405s, which I
thought were long gone.

On Sep 11, 9:44 am, "Jeff Ayars" <je...@pelago.com> wrote:

We're using basic auth and having the problem so it's not OAuth related.

IP ranges, accounts, curl -vvv and TCP dump of failures sent to a...@twitter yesterday. Seeing ~60% failures and 40% successes also. Haven't heard back from Twitter. Would love to hear something.


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I'm still seeing this recurring problem.  Are only oauth users
experiencing this? If so, maybe its time for us to give up on OAuth?

On Sep 9, 12:16 pm, John Kalucki <jkalu...@gmail.com> wrote:
Point your mobile device through a web proxy that you control. Monitor
the traffic there with tcpdump.

On Sep 9, 7:07 am, Naveen A <knig...@gmail.com> wrote:

It might be useful if detailed (step by step) instructions of how to generate the debug information twitter needs to track down this HTTP data being returned on the API, I am not sure how much data you are getting but I would really like to provide as much as I possibly can and provide others with the tools to make providing this information
as easily as possible.

We unfortunately can't easily provide the necessary information as our application runs on a mobile device where we can not easily get the
detailed information you require.

I understand how to provide the ip address, and the verbose curl
request.. Unclear what you are looking for when you are requesting a tcp dump.. I would be happy to attempt to generate this information if
it will help expedite solving this problem..

On Sep 7, 10:06 pm, John Kalucki <jkalu...@gmail.com> wrote:

If you are having connection problems like this, please send your IP
address, account(s), a curl(1) -vvv trace, and a tcpdump of the
failure to a...@twitter.com.

-John Kaluckihttp://twitter.com/jkalucki
Services, Twitter inc.

On Sep 7, 5:02 pm, fablau <fabri...@virtualsheetmusic.com> wrote:

I am having the same issue, most of the times I cannot connect to Twitter, I get 408 error and the API is mostly unusable form my side. I am able to connect just a couple of times every 36-48 hours! Are we the only people having this issue? How that can be possible? Is there any way to contact Twitter folks about this issue? Are they aware of

Any more thoughts and testimonials about this issue would be

Thank you for sharing.


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