That's basically what I meant. We know those are not the only rules,
so the other rules should also in the draft, shouldn't they?


On Sep 10, 9:50 pm, "Dean Collins" <> wrote:
> No offence but can you please post these 'draft' rules along with the
> current API rules.
> Sorry if I sound 'overtly suspicious' but as you can imagine I'm a
> little wary of anything that twitter inc says at the moment and would
> like to have all of the rules in a single location as it causes
> confusion for developers and twitter alike (oh and twitters lawyers as
> well .....).
> Regards,
> Dean Collins
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> Subject: [twitter-dev] Draft: Twitter Rules for API Use
> To accompany our updated Terms of Service ( we've
> posted a draft of the Twitter API rules at As the 
> subject states, these rules are a
> work in progress and feedback is welcome. Please read the TOS
> announcement at some background. We encourage
> you to use the "contact us" link at
> any feedback you may have.
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> Marcel Molina
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