I cannot do that, because my 120,000+ current user base has not opted
in for that type of communication from me.

I will get spam complaints left right and center if I did that, and my
email deliverability on emails that I do send will be severely

For your suggestion to work, those emails cannot be optional. It makes
no sense to send such emails to half the user population, because it
still leaves the other half that can blame the app for what they have
forgotten about.


On Sep 11, 1:59 pm, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> Dewald,
> Perhaps your application should send periodic reminder emails to
> subscribers, perhaps after each status sent, but limited to once a
> week? You could take the opportunity to do marketing and detail future
> scheduled tweets and provide a link back to your service for schedule
> editing.
> -John
> On Sep 11, 9:54 am, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> > Ryan,
> > Careful with that one, because I have seen users say that about tweets
> > they specifically scheduled, but have simply forgotten that they did
> > so. The application is usually the first to be blamed publicly in a
> > tweet. It's far easier than for the user to say, "Oops, I messed up
> > and forgot."
> > As long as you won't be trigger-happy with this one, things should be
> > fine.
> > Dewald
> > On Sep 11, 1:04 pm, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
> > > We should never see "Sorry about that last post, app X sent it out
> > > without me knowing".

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