I know where you are heading with this. ;-)

If a user explicitly activates a feature in an app that sends DMs on
their behalf, they at that point explicitly grants the app permission
to do so.


On Sep 10, 10:10 pm, Jesse Stay <> wrote:
> This is great news!  Regarding "sending Tweets on a user's behalf", does
> that refer to DMs as well, and when seeking permission, must it be on a
> "tweet-by-tweet" basis, or can a user give you permission beforehand to have
> complete control over Tweeting on their behalf?  I'd like to see that part
> clarified more.
> Thanks,
> Jesse

> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 5:58 PM, Marcel Molina <> wrote:
> > To accompany our updated Terms of Service ( we've
> > posted a draft of the Twitter API rules at
> > As the subject states, these rules are a
> > work in progress and feedback is welcome. Please read the TOS
> > announcement at some background. We encourage
> > you to use the "contact us" link at
> > any feedback you may have.
> > --
> > Marcel Molina
> > Twitter Platform Team
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