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> I currently have a script running on my server using basic
> authentication and tweeting rss feeds to a number of different
> accounts.
> I want to do something similar to that but using OAuth (seeing as I
> cant register an application for basic auth anymore). But I'm lost,
> OAuth requires a browser to work doesn't it? but my script wont be run
> from a browser.

I'm not sure if you are using PHP but here is a blog post about running
server scripts with OAuth:

> Do I have to make an authorize page and load that in a web browser to
> get the access tokens and then put them into my script?


> Will they ever expire?


> Is there a way to automatically get the access tokens without
> me making a web page that will ask me to login to twitter and
> authenticate?

You could write an HTML parser to parse the authorization page but that
would be a lot of work and error prone.

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