If you are new to OAuth check out http://oauth.net first. There is important
details you need to know in the spec before you get started. The site
also provides
links to libraries for about every major language out there. Not sure
if you rolled your
own twitter library or what language you using.

To get the access token you just need to fetch an request token,
authorize it, and then exchange
it for an access token. There is not a way to automate the
authorization step. You can check out this
python script [1] which queries for your consumer key/secret then
opens the authorization link in the browser.
At the end you get your access token. Note: it depends on this [2] library.

Where you go next depends on which library / language you go with.

Best of luck,


[1] http://www.pastie.org/634526
[2] http://github.com/joshthecoder/tweepy

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