I just noticed this in the API wiki, under the statuses/update method:

    "Currently, all geolocated information will be removed after seven

Two questions:

1. What exactly will be removed: the geocoding attached to the tweet?
Or the whole tweet?

2. Why? I.e., why remove the geocoding or the whole tweet? I can think
of many use cases where it is important for the geocoding to remain as
long as the tweet remains. For example, I take a great vacation
picture, upload it to Twitpic, then tweet about it, including where I
took it. The location where I took the picture remains the same
forever. Why delete the geocoding information from the tweet, or the
whole tweet. This will just cause folk to put the geocoding
information in the text of the tweet, taking up valuable space and
reducing the value of geocoding tweets, and cause developers (Like me,
admittedly) to develop applications that put the geocoding in the text
of the tweet. With applications like that available, twitter users are
less likely to go to the botther of opting-in to twitter geocoding of
their tweets.

Comments expected and welcome.

Jim Renkel

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