Can I suggest:

A RepeatTweet API. Permit the delivery of marked duplicate tweets on
the Twitter side, with an API to allow external apps/services to
integrate it.

The system could permit (and only permit) RepeatTweets with a
<DuplicateOf> tag indicating the duplicated tweet, sent through the
API. This would allow Search to filter out duplicates, and other apps
could filter out duplicates that the user has already seen/marked as
read. This would also allow external apps/services to provide the
scheduling. RepeatTweets could be rate-limited (say 5 per 24h per
account) to reduce spam.

This would facilitate most of the usage cases I've read in this thread
-- except emergency services, where duplicated tweets shouldn't be
filtered out because the duplicate text refers to a new/changed
condition. Perhaps a whitelist of such emergency services should be
exempted from the exiting duplicate filters.


Sean Lindsay

On Oct 16, 5:01 pm, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> I don't know about paygrade, but more than a few Twitter employees
> follow i80chains during the season. We hear you. I just don't know
> what to suggest be done about the situation.

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