Still waiting for a response here. I tried a query with the Twitter
Advanced Search tool:〈=en&from=leonspencer&to=leonspencer&ref=leonspencer&near=&within=15&units=mi&since=2009-10-07&until=2009-10-18&rpp=15

When I strip away the parameter names and operators, this is the
values stringed together:


Length is at 133 but still getting error from the advanced search:〈=en&from=leonspencer&to=leonspencer&ref=leonspencer&near=&within=15&units=mi&since=2009-10-07&until=2009-10-18&rpp=15

"Sorry, your query cannot be more than 140 characters long (it is 161
characters). "

So I don't know what it is counting.

On Oct 15, 7:43 pm, leonspencer <> wrote:
> What us being counted as part of the length of the query - entire
> query string? What names (of query string name/value pair), values
> (of query string name/value pair), and delimiters are counted in the
> Twitter API restriction "Queries are limited 140 URL encoded
> characters?" I've run the Twitter API Advanced Search Form to generate
> queries:
> At some point it will say the query is too large - should be 140 but
> is 155
> Query 
> example:
> What us being included in this length? The entire query string? (i.e. ?
> q to the end or just the length of the values?
> Thank you

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