That's a compelling point. I need to think about it. We're stripping
retweets out of user_timeline because clients that don't implement
retweet have the (likely) potential of creating a very confusing
experience for users. Removing retweets from the user_timeline at the
time seemed fine because clients could merge retweets in using the
retweet timelines if they wanted to. Use cases that didn't require
authentication weren't being thought about for that scenario.

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Jeffrey <> wrote:
> Not having retweets in the user_timeline represents a loss of
> functionality.
> With user_timeline you can get the tweets of any user using the "id"
> parameter, but there is no way to get the tweets of another user using
> home_timeline without being authenticated *as that user*.   So this
> limits the ability of applications to gather info for a user without
> requiring them to log in.   Before the retweet funcdtionality was
> added, "organic" retweets were of course visible.   The built-in
> retweets are not.

Marcel Molina
Twitter Platform Team

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