> i wanted to show that the current oAuth flow for desktop apps is preventing
> many desktop apps from moving to oAuth.

ah - yes - in this, we are in total agreement.  while the pin workflow, and
using protocol handlers work (protocol handlers probably better than pin
workflows), there still is a huge area of UX innovation that can occur and
user education that can occur to make this better.

> i did this because your offhand "I don't know," response seemed to indicate
> that the announced changes were not getting much priority in the api.
> i wanted to help you see the importance of these changes for desktop
> clients.

the "i don't know" is just that - technically, its a relatively simple
thing, but i know, internally, we are working on the method by which to
release, the terms around the release, etc.  that, bundled with it being the
end of 2009 and everybody is on vacation, makes getting things out
relatively challenging.  but solely from a process stand point.

> i'm really excited about the changes. i'm dying to start working on them.
> i'm committed to releasing an open source solution to them as soon as they
> come out.
> i hope you're as excited as i am.


Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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