My name is Maurice Wright.  I'm a mechanical engineer turned web
designer, turned web developer, turned web marketer. Most of this time
was spent in the financial services industry.  I first really found
out about the Twitter API early last year.  Early this year I began
working on a Twitter advertising platform (
that will focus on ease of use rather than landing celebrity Tweeters.

I spend most of my other free web time maintaining a design awards
site ( - 10 years) and honing my internet
marketing skills.

I was relocated out of my job and December, and it feels
least until I have to start paying bills again.  Anyone need online
marketing help?

The feature I'd like to most see from Twitter is a non-feature.
Please keep it simple.  Google has done a great job with this over the
years with their main search page.  Hopefully, Twitter can do the


On Feb 19, 12:20 pm, Abraham Williams <> wrote:
> We have not had an introductions thread in a long time (or ever that I could
> find) so I'm starting one. Don't forget to add an answer to the tools thread
> [1](Gmail link [2]) as well.
> I'm Abraham Williams, I've been working with the Twitter API and this group
> since early 2008. I do mostly freelance Drupal and Twitter API integration
> and personal projects. I love seeing the creative projects developers build
> or integrate with the API and look forward to meeting many of you at Chirp.
> TwitterOAuth [3] the first PHP library to support OAuth is built and
> maintained by me, and will hopefully see a new release soon. I also built a
> fun Chrome extension [4] that integrates common friends and followers into
> Twitter profiles.
> The feature I would most like added to the API is a conversation method to
> get replies to a specific status.
> So. Who are you, what do you do, what have you built, and what feature do
> you most want to see added?
> @Abraham
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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